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Welcome to https///www.singhservice.com.  We are here to provide the best advise & consultation in finance, filing all tax return forms & documentation to IRS by electronically, as well as helping to prepare most of the documents for immigration. As well as We have NOTARY PUBLIC  service on call & on appointments' basis in the State of California, USA.
https//www.singhservice.com  was started in 1992.  Our registered business DBA known as "Noel's Tax Services". If you, your family members or any friends need any help in financial advise, and in filing your income tax for all states, help to prepare immigration documents, etc. Call us, text us or email to us, we will contact you ASAP.  

Spiritual guidence & help: If you need any Biblical Christian counselling, special prayer, or want to establish Bible Study group at home. Yes ! we are ready to enlarge Kingdom of Abba Father in our Lord & Savior Yeshua the Messiah. We are here to discuss with you and help YOU in solving your spiritual situations. 
Once again thanks for visiting our website. God bless you and God bless your family.



  Mrs.Letecia N. Singh & Rev. Noel Nathaniel  Singh
  Samuel N. Singh (Son) 
  Daniel N. Singh (Son) 
  Hannah N. Singh (Daughter)
  Immanuel N. Singh (Son)
  Ezekiel N. Singh (Son) 

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